Energy design

With knowledge and creativity in automation and energy design, we enable control, simplification and improvements of our lives.

We listen carefully to understand the challenge and look beyond today’s solutions to design new opportunities for success.

What is energy design?

Everything we do at Gycom revolves around energy.

We convert electrical energy into mechanical energy with the help of pumps, fans and electric motors.

We measure properties such as flow, temperature and pressure and then design electrical control signals that control value-creating processes.

Or as one customer put it;

“Gycom has the knowledge to go from idea to complete solution. For us, it is very important. We have an idea of how something should work and they form it into what a ready-made solution will look like. We are not talking about how many relays there should be, but about what we really need and it can turn out in a lot of different ways. We just want a function and because they are professionals, they not only build what we say, but have a very good knowledge of what we do and need. ”

In a world where constant access to electrical energy can no longer be taken for granted and where operating costs are steadily increasing – we want to be a driving partner in the energy transition. By minimizing your energy needs and utilizing available energy in the smartest way possible, we are moving towards a more sustainable society.

Reducing the power requirement by 87%, as another of our customers did, by cutting the flow around centrifugal pumps and fans to half, creates great change for both the environment and the budget – without significantly affecting the business.

With Gycom, you get a partner who looks at the whole and does the utmost to understand your challenges and see your opportunities. Together we can create great things!

What we do


When it the fire starts, Gycom’s automation is vital. We are specialists in foam extinguishing systems, but regardless of whether you need automation of your production line, industrial programming or energy design for tomorrows challenges, we are your partner. We have had time to learn a thing or two about automation since 1926, it makes us even more curious about what future technology can make possible.

Our automation solutions create security, efficiency and enable processes that drive the world forward. We look at the complete picture, but focus on helping machine builders deliver their best as part of the whole. They in turn create the prerequisites that makes construction of electric cars, houses and other creating great deeds possible. A process is never better than its weakest link. With Gycom in the design, you create operational reliability and security!

Electrical components

To build advanced automation and create new opportunities, electrical components of the right class are needed. The right components for the right application, simple as that. Since we ourselves must guarantee that our automation solutions and control panels work, you can be sure that the components you order from us can be used.

We design the energy flows that make you everyday life easier.

Energy design is present in the small things and in the big. Within the solution that optimizes the flow from idea to finished product. In the signal that starts the manufacturing process. Inside the finished product. In the choice of the correct components. In the will to understand and the competence to develop.Towards the possibilities. In constant motion from challenge to moved boundaries.