About us

The right energy for your opportunities

Gycom’s solutions are often not visible from the outside, but enable everything from energy efficiency to rocket launches and fighting of pirates. Our strength is to understand your challenge and design a uniquely matched automation solution that gives you new opportunities for success.

Gycom, with roots from Sandblom & Stohne and Gylling Component, has a history that stretches all the way back to 1926. Today we are part of the Enequi Group, where we with our cutting-edge expertise in energy design develop solutions for real estate, industry and demanding environments. . We are an automation partner who designs uniquely matched solutions for each challenge and creates new opportunities for success. Today our systems are used by reputable companies all over the world.

Gycom has a history of deep product understanding and well-thought through engineering solutions. It’s a legacy that we will continue to care for. It’s partnerships that we will continue to build on and it’s competence that allows us to pave the way for new, sustainable solutions.

We are far-sighted

Creating sustainable success is our top priority. We are available, listen to understand and design solutions that create real business value throughout the value chain. We create trustworthy and stable partnerships and build for the future.

We see new paths

We are visionary entrepreneurs and drive development in our area. We see opportunities where others see difficulties and constantly raise the bar for what is possible. We know that those who see it and believe in it are also the ones who do it.

We see the goal

We go from challenge and idea to analysis and solution with determination and energy. When we are put to the test, we see it as an opportunity to rise further and we do not give up until we contribute with value beyond what is expected.