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We live in a time where more and more processes and functions become invisible to our eye. We are surrounded by systems that operate in the hidden to help, protect, guide and create value for us.

In this world, we at Gycom are a driving force. With our knowledge and creativity in automation and energy design, we make it possible to control, facilitate and improve our lives. We listen carefully to understand the challenge and look beyond today’s solutions to design new opportunities for success.

At Gycom, we are curious about the prerequisites, because they are the starting point for the solutions. We like the problems, because they create space for the opportunities. And we take on the challenges, because they lead the way to the results.

We are far-sighted, we see new paths and we see the goal. We are Gycom.

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To design the right solution for you, we make sure to understand every aspect of your situation. Energy is part of everything we do!

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To build advance automation and create mechatronics for tomorrow, electrical components of the right quality are needed.

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In constant motion from challenge to moved boundaries. Become part of Gycom’s journey towards the possibilities.

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A deep understanding of your challenge is the foundation
to everything we do.

With expertise within automation and energy design we create tailormade solution and build relationships that generate value beyond what is expected.

The right technology for your needs

The technical solution requires the right products in the right quality, but also the right application for the right kind of problem. We always create the most cost-effective answer to your challenge.

The right partner for your needs

In an increasingly automated world where the boundaries of what is possible are constantly shifting, we’re a good partner who is there with solutions and support when you need them.

The right automation for your world

To design the right solution for you, we make sure to understand every aspect of your situation. Through responsiveness and innovation, we create new opportunities for your business.

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