Gycom develops complete solutions in a number of different areas; including fire extinguishing, heating/cooling systems, ventilation, pump control and automation for Ex-classified areas.

Electrical engineering

At Gycom, we specialize in producing complete drawings for construction and documentation for your control cabinets and automation solutions. Our approach is technology agnostic, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with various platforms and systems.


We shine when engaged from idea to completion, with commissioning as a key step. Having delivered automation solutions globally, we’ve overseen commissioning in over 180 countries.

PLC Programming

Gycom has extensive expertise and long experience in programming,
function testing, and commissioning.
We’re automation partners with ABB and Eaton in Sweden, but are technology agnostic. We support various programming forms, such text and ladder.

Project Management

We provide project management for small to large projects, locally and globally. We ensure confidence in the execution of industrial automation projects.

Preliminary Study

Don’t know where to start?
Our experienced engineers assist you from idea to finalized functional description.


We offer you control over your automation cabinets worldwide. Our services include remote troubleshooting, software updates, and access to all data, visualization, and alarm functions.


Ensuring optimal interaction between humans and machines is of utmost importance. We develop intuitive solutions for HMI or SCADA based on your requirements and needs, providing users with clear understanding of the process and its functions.


Your needs are our priority in designing optimal solutions, from individual cabinets to large volumes. We ensure quality components and competitive pricing with direct supplier contact, meeting standards and CE documentation.

Our experienced and technically proficient team will guide you through the entire process. Together with our skilled application engineers, we ensure you receive a functional, efficient, and environmentally secure design that complies with current directives and safety requirements.

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