With expertise in automation, we create perfectly tailored solutions and build relationships that generate value beyond expectations.

The right technology for your challenge.

A technical solution requires the right products – in the right quality. But it also needs to be correctly applied to the appropriately defined challenge. We always create the most cost-effective solution to your challenge.

The right partner for your needs.

In an increasingly automated world where the boundaries of what is possible are constantly shifting, we are a reliable partner, offering solutions and support when you need them.

The right automation for your world.

To design the right solution for you, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of your situation. Through attentiveness and innovative thinking, we create new opportunities for your business.

We design opportunities.

We live in a time where more and more processes and functions become invisible to our bare eye. We are surrounded by systems that works in silence to assist, protect, guide, and create value for us

In this world, Gycom serves as a driving force. With our expertise and creativity in energy automation, we enable control, simplification, and improvement of our lives. We listen carefully to understand the challenge and look beyond today’s solutions to design new opportunities for success.

At Gycom, we are curious about the circumstances, as they are the starting point for the solutions. We embrace challenges, as they create space for opportunities. And we engage with challenges, as they lead the way to results.

We are far-sighted, we envision new paths and we see the goal. We are Gycom.