Voltage Tester Testboy Profi III LCD


Voltage Tester Testboy Profi III LCD

113560_P_high.jpg 113560_e_high.jpg
  • KAT IV 1000V, IP 65
  • One hand grip for measurment in CEE and mains sockets
  • Indicates with back lit LCD, sound and vibration
  • Order.no.: 113560
  • E.no: E4200934
  • Designation: TB PROFI III LCD
  • Brand: Testboy

Current supply With and without battery
Continuity test 1
Continuity indication Optic/acoustic
Resistance test range 2 kOhm
Voltage indication LED/LCD
Internal base load 1
Single pole phase indication 1
Data hold 1
Background lighting LC-indication 1
Test prod protection 1
Measuring point lightning 1
Voltage measurement range 1400 – 3 V
Indication of direction of field rotation 1
Load switchable 1
Measuring circuit category CAT IV
Type of test 2-pole
Usable at precipitation 1

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