V2ZQ10 24-240V AC/DC, timerelay

  • Order.no.: 111278
  • E.no: E4030032
  • Designation: 125150
  • Brand: Tele Haase

Remote operation possible 1
Suitable for remote control
Pluggable on auxiliary contact block
Voltage type for actuating AC/DC
Time range 360000 – 0.05 s
Type of electric connection Screw connection
Number of outputs, delayed, change-over contact 1
Outputs, reversible delayed/undelayed
With semiconductor output
Width 22.5 mm
Height 67 mm
Depth 76 mm
Function floating contact on de-energization
Function pulse shaping
Function flashing, starting with pulse, fixed time
Rated control supply voltage Us at AC 50HZ 240 – 24 V
Function delay-on energization 1
Rated control supply voltage Us at AC 60HZ 240 – 24 V
Rated control supply voltage Us at DC 240 – 24 V
Function delay on de-energization 1
Function floating contact on energization 1
Function star-delta
Function flashing, starting with pause, fixed time 1
Clock function, starting with pause, variable
Clock function, starting with pulse, variable
With plug-in socket

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