V2ZE10 24-240V AC/DC, timerelay

  • Order.no.: 111272
  • E.no: E4030029
  • Designation: 125110
  • Brand: Tele Haase

Rated control supply voltage Us at AC 50HZ 240 – 24 V
Rated control supply voltage Us at AC 60HZ 240 – 24 V
Rated control supply voltage Us at DC 240 – 24 V
Outputs, reversible delayed/undelayed
With semiconductor output
Function delay-on energization 1
Number of outputs, delayed, change-over contact 1
Voltage type for actuating AC/DC
Function delay on de-energization
Function floating contact on energization
Function floating contact on de-energization
Function star-delta
Function pulse shaping
Function flashing, starting with pause, fixed time
Function flashing, starting with pulse, fixed time
Clock function, starting with pause, variable
Clock function, starting with pulse, variable
Width 22.5 mm
Remote operation possible
Time range 360000 – 0.05 s
Height 67 mm
Depth 76 mm
Type of electric connection Screw connection
With plug-in socket
Pluggable on auxiliary contact block
Suitable for remote control

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