Multimeter Testboy 313


Multimeter Testboy 313

  • Sockets with buil in lids protects against wrong connection of test leads
  • Large, bak lit display
  • Self resetting electronic fuse on mA input
  • 113573
  • E4200935
  • Designation: TB 313
  • Brand: Testboy

Indication Digital
Measuring range selection Manual
Continuity test 1
Capacitance measurement 1
Temperature measurement 1
Frequency measurement 1
Data hold 1
Resistance test/diode test 1
Lowest resolution, DC voltage 0.1 mV
Lowest resolution, DC current 1 µA
Lowest resolution, AC voltage 1 mV
Lowest resolution, AC current 1 µA
Lowest resolution, resistance 0.1 Ohm
Max. voltage measuring range, AC 600 V
Max. voltage measuring range, DC 600 V
Max. current measuring range, AC 10 A
Max. current measuring range, DC 10 A
Max. resistance measuring range 20 Mohm
Measuring circuit category CAT III
Max. temperature measuring range 1000 °C
Lowest resolution, temperature 1 °C
Max. capacitance measuring range 20000 µF
Lowest resolution, capacitance Other
Max. frequency measuring range 20 kHz
Lowest resolution, frequency Other
Temperature measurement TC 1
Automatic circuit breaker 1
Max. voltage measuring circuit category 600 V

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