Installation Tester Testboy TV 455


Instal. tester Testboy TV455 W ProPlusSW

110294_p_high.jpg 110294 Designation: 200800490459 Brand: Testboy

The Testboy 455 is an easy-to-use DIN VDE 0100 measuring instrument. Stored safety and RCD (FI) characteristics evaluate the measured result using PASS/FAIL information. Special features of the Testboy TV 455 include the testing of all-current sensitive RCDs TYPE B. A further advantage is the software included with the delivery. The large LCD display with integrated backlighting makes it easy to read results, notifications, measurement parameters and messages. Two PASS/FAIL LED indicators are attached to the side of the LCD display. The housing of the new Testboy TV 455 is sturdy and ergonomic. Its light weight and integrated magnet holder enables you to work without getting tired. The instrument has been designed so that it is extremely clear and simple to operate. Each test has its own specific help screen, which describes how to carry out a measurement.

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