Fasskena 4P, 3xL+N, 8M, gfl., 10mm²

  • Order.no.: 132786
  • E.no: E2149633
  • Designation: ES40810
  • Brand: FTG

Insulated 1
Number of phases 4
Cross section 10 mm
Rated permanent current Iu 63 A
Number of poles 4
Length 140 mm
Conditioned rated short-circuit current Iq 15 kA
Rated surge voltage 4.5 kV
Type of electric connection Fork
Number of modular spacings 8
Rated short-time withstand current lcw 25 kA
Suitable for devices with auxiliary switch
Suitable for devices with N-busbar 1
Suitable for number of devices 8
Max. rated operation voltage Ue 690 V
Pitch dimensions 17.8 mm

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