Power + DALI 5G2,5mm²+2×1,5mm²


Tap off 5-pole power+DALI L1

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  • Fire class B2cas1d0a1 for halogen free cable
  • The system meets the relevant national and international standards for electrical installation
  • Mechanically and color coded to ensure safe connections
  • Order.no.: 129617
  • E.no: E1278729
  • Designation: 49715D/L1
  • Brand: Enequi

A flat cable system fits most applications where flexibility is needed, offices, schools, warehouses, hospitals, garages and more. With a flat cable as back bone, the amount of cable used will be drastically reduced and thus also the fire hazard decrease. When planning, no tap-off points are need directly and planning and installation will not be sensitive to changes. The possibility of putting the tap-off wherever needed or moving existing tap-offs enable change during construction or remodelling and renovation. Installation of tap-offs on the flat cable can also be done elsewhere and then roll out the assembled cable on site. A major advantage of flat cable is that there is almost no voltage drop across the tap-off points. Without the continuous interruptions of the cable in the junction boxes you also minimize the risk of errors. The flat cable has an asymmetrical shape that makes it impossible to place tap-offs wrong and thus ensures a safe installation.

Width 57.5 mm
Model Branch
Halogen free 1
Height 25.7 mm
Colour housing Blue
Locking mechanism Separate
Rated current 16 A
Rated voltage 250 V
Number of poles 5
Length 54 mm
Mechanical coding 1
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Colour coding/contact insert Blue
Fire load 0.27 kWh

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